Boann Podcasts

Ruth Stanley

I am hosting a series of podcasts called Boann - imagination, flow, and creativity. Did you know that Boann is the Celtic goddess of imagination and flow? So, how do you follow the goddess, tap into your imagination, increase your creativity, and spark new ideas? I will be talking with some friends of mine about their own experiences as walkers along the creative path. I believe that inspiration can be found in the most unlikely of places. Follow me as I explore imagination, flow, and creativity, and what it could mean for all of us. Get inspired by people who have discovered how to unleash their creative potential.
Ruth Stanley

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The Book
Your Creativity Sprint

The five-week challenge to better insights! 

Edwin Garro - Dwight Powless - Ruth Stanley - Tim Ragan

By reading this book and completing some of the exercises, you will undertake a journey toward a better understanding of creativity and how to get there.


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