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Hello everyone.


I am now starting Series 3.

This is Series 3 of Boann Imagination Flow Creativity Podcasts.   I have learned how important it is to give everyday people a voice to share what creativity means to them and how they apply it in their day to day. 


In Series 3, I will continue to talk with friends, old and new, about creativity in their work world and delve into unique aspects of their own creativity.



Many Thanks!

Ruth Stanley. 



Boann Podcasts


Series 3 /Episode 1: Conversation with Dimitra Giannakoulias

I talked with Dimitra Giannakoulias.  She believes that there is a massive amount of untapped creativity in organizations.  We talked about her definition of play and that we need to give people the time and space to create new ways of working together.


Introduction Series 2



Hello everyone.


Wow, This is now Year Two of my Boann Imagination Flow Creativity Podcasts.  I learned so much about the different ways in which we can exercise creativity. Even what we might think as the driest or least likely to be creative industries have some form of creativity; and the people who work in these industries have their own way of bringing creativity to their jobs and have a distinct creative process for themselves. I can't wait to uncover more stories about how people achieve creativity and flow in their work and in their personal lives. 



Many Thanks!

Ruth Stanley. 



Boann Podcasts


Series 2 /Episode 1: Conversation with Katherine Burrows

Katherine Burrows is a ghostwriter.  She has a unique way of getting to know the people whose stories she tells.  She also carefully constructs her working environment to put her in the right creative space for each project. 



Series 2 /Episode 2: Conversation with Sumitra Vig

I had a lovely conversation with Sumitra Vig.  She works primarily with the financial industry.  She sees creativity as an engager for employees and customers alike. For her, the most important factor in thinking differently is the ability to learn and adapt and a sense of gratitude.



Series 2 /Episode 3: Conversation with Dwight Powless

I learn so much in my conversations about creativity and about life with Dwight Powless, Co-author of Your Creativity Sprint and of A Path Forward (Mikan E'niigaanimok) Continuous Improvement Through an Indigenous Lens.  His approach to creativity is all about his relationships with friends and colleagues, his culture, and with nature.



Series 2 /Episode 4: Conversation with Dennis Coetze

I talked with Dennis Coetze about creativity in the Agricultural Community in South Africa in an around Mafeking.  He tells me that creativity is an essential for the agricultural industry as it faces constant change and uncertainty.



Series 2 /Episode 5: Conversation with Julie Savage Fournier

It is always a pleasure to speak with Julie Savage Fournier.  Her passion for both Lean problem-solving methods and neurodiversity enables her to inspire others to embrace different ways of thinking, an essential element in everyone's creative toolbox.



Series 2 /Episode 6: Conversation with Marcus Koehnlein

My conversation with Marcus Koehnlein about creativity was a treat.  He packed two conversations into one.  Marcus divides his time between the traditional, process-oriented machine industry and the chaotic world of start-ups. Creativity is possible in both worlds, he says.  It is really all about the people you are working with. 



Series 2 /Episode 7: Conversation with Atta Arain

I had an interesting conversation with Atta Arain about creativity in the metallurgy and non-destructive testing industry.  For him, creativity comes with mastery of a skill.  With systems thinking and experimentation you get better at whatever you are doing and can ask, "How can we get better, how can we solve this problem?" It is with this knowledge and experiences that we can get answers outside of the boundaries. 



Series 2 /Episode 8: Conversation with Gary Kapanowski

Gary Kapanowski is an accountant.  Accountants have a bad rap as creators – either dull or engaging in creative accounting .  Gary tells me that accountants can be storytellers and creative catalysts, helping others to see beyond the immediate to the adjacent possible.



Series 2 /Episode 9: Conversation with Amanda Zimmerman

I had a thought-provoking conversation with Amanda Zimmerman.  Amanda recently moved to New Zealand from the United States and she reflected on how she had to expand the meaning of words and how the differences between the two cultures have made her think differently.  We have to create spaces in organizations to connect and experiment, she says. 



Series 2 /Episode 10: Conversation with Desmond Mahadeo

I had an interesting conversation with Desmond Mahadeo about the difference between creativity and innovation. We also talked about the ISO Standards for Innovation which detail the systems that can be put in place to enable an idea to move forward to successful innovation.



Series 2 /Episode 11: Conversation with Leah Fink

I had a really different conversation with Leah Fink.  Building on her background in mental health and addiction, we talked about our human need for connection, and how getting past conflict, enables relationship creativity.



Series 2 /Episode 12: Conversation with Michael Ballé

I had a really fun conversation with Michael Ballé.  We talked about the relationship between standards and creativity – standards are a starting point rather than an endpoint.  Michael shared with me his conviction that a rich, vibrant inner life is imperative for creativity. 



Series 2 /Episode 13: Conversation with Veronica Marquez

It's always good to talk with Veronica Marquez. We talked about creativity in the supply chain and how it can help find solutions and enable the supply chain to become more agile and resilient. The key is to take the time to ask the question, "How else can the supply chain work to connect the dots?" 



Series 2 /Episode 14: Conversation with Carolee Rigsbee

I enjoyed my conversation with Carolee Rigsbee. We talked about social responsibility and how people can organize differently to accomplish big societal goals. We also talked about how creativity, particularly relationship creativity, relates to this type of activity. 


Introduction Series 1



Hello everyone.


I am hosting a series of podcasts called Boann - imagination, flow, and creativity. Did you know that Boann is the Celtic goddess of imagination and flow? So, how do you follow the goddess, tap into your imagination, increase your creativity, and spark new ideas? I will be talking with some friends of mine about their own experiences as walkers along the creative path. I believe that inspiration can be found in the most unlikely of places. Follow me as I explore imagination, flow, and creativity, and what it could mean for all of us. Get inspired by people who have discovered how to unleash their creative potential.


Many Thanks!

Ruth Stanley. 



Boann Podcasts


Series 1 /Episode 1: Conversation with Martin Carignan

When I was thinking about doing a podcast on unusual areas for creativity, I thought first about statistics. I talked with Martin Carignan from Différence about his light-hearted approach to statistics and how creativity can play a part in statistical analysis. 



Series 1 /Episode 2: Conversation with Tony Albrecht

Tony Albrecht is a co-founder of The Rowdy Creative. Tony speaks candidly about how a devastating experience reignited his creative journey and how he decided to live a creative life on his own terms. 


Series 1 /Episode 3: Conversation with Bella Englebach

Bella Englebach is a fellow Podcaster (The Edges of Lean), a member of Women in Lean and a creativity coach.  Bella always has an interesting take on things, she talks about getting out of your own way for creative problem-solving,



Series 1 /Episode 4: Conversation with Deondra Wardelle

I had a conversation with the ever-fierce and fabulous Deondra Wardelle.  In this fourth episode, we talked about many things. Our focus was on relationship creativity and inspiring new ways of connecting, particularly Deondra's passion project, Root Cause Racism.



Series 1 /Episode 5: Conversation with Debbie Barnard

My podcast is growing! I am delighted to share my conversation with Debbie Barnard. We had a great conversation about how a sense of "things will get better" and gratitude can trigger creativity.



Series 1 /Episode 6: Conversation with Puneet Manchanda

I am delighted to share my conversation with Puneet Manchanda about approaches to creativity in the oil and gas industry and creativity in his passion project, a Hindi School in Edmonton, Canada



Series 1 /Episode 7: Conversation with Kamala K Nenshundeshaia

I had an interesting conversation with Kamala K. Nenshundeshaia. She had some beautiful insights into life and creativity. She talked about the importance of seeing all of the colours of your heart. She says to stay curious, what you do in your personal life affects your professional life.



Series 1 /Episode 8: Conversation with Anjani Mahabashya

I had a wonderful conversation with Anjani Mahabashya. She has an interesting story to tell about using creativity to build new types of relationships in the healthcare industry.



Series 1 /Episode 9: Conversation with Youssef Skalli

Youssef SKALLI and I had a wonderful conversation on the power of travel and language to spark creativity.



Series 1 /Episode 10: Conversation with Walter Knitl

I had a wonderful conversation with Walter Knitl about creativity every day and the internet of things (IoT). Walter sees IoT as a giant Lego set with infinite possibilities for connection.



Series 1 /Episode 11: Conversation with Jeroen Kraajenbrink

My podcast continues. I had a really nice conversation with Jeroen Kraaijenbrink about creativity and strategy development. His position aligns with mine – creativity is something that has to be an everyday thing, not some special add-on, otherwise, your initiative will not work.



Series 1 /Episode 12: Conversation with Tamara Hammack

I had such a great conversation with Tamara Hammack about everyday creativity in massage therapy. What stuck out for me was how important it is to be open to a combination of triggers to help you to think differently and act differently to support your clients and their individual needs. This is creativity in action.



Series 1 /Episode 13: Conversation with Edwin Garro, Co-Author of ‘Your Creativity Sprint”.

I had the pleasure of speaking with Edwin Garro about our book, "Your Creativity Sprint". We talked about how two people with a common interest and very different backgrounds sparked the idea to write a book and how we came together with Tim Ragan and Dwight Powless to create a five-week challenge to better insights.



Series 1 /Episode 14: Conversation with Tim Ragan, Co-Author of "Your Creativity Sprint". 

Tim Ragan and I talked about his approach to creativity and what it was like to co-create with three other, completely different people on our book, "Your Creativity Sprint: The Five-Week Challenge to Better Insights".



The Book
Your Creativity Sprint


The five-week challenge to better insights!
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By reading this book and completing some of the exercises, you will undertake a journey toward a better understanding of creativity and how to get there.


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