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Hello everyone.


I am now starting Series 4 - Boann Imagination Flow Creativity 


In Series 4, I will be exploring creativity again with a variety of professionals. I am most interested in transformation, how it looks and feels, and how different people engage differently with themselves and others on their creative journey.


Many Thanks!

Ruth Stanley.


Series 4 /Episode 1: Conversation with Nancy Nouaimeh

As always, I enjoyed my conversation with Nancy Nouaimeh. We talked about nurturing our creativity, the small practices that enable us to get to that creative moment. It is a process that anyone can develop based on their traits, their character, and what they can do, It is a process that helps them to structure or channel the information coming their way.


Series 4 /Episode 2: Conversation with Craig Szelestowski

It is always pleasant to talk with Craig. He believes strongly that creativity is possible within the public service. Establishing psychological safety and posing open-ended questions are a good start. With an open mind, there are so many opportunities. Pause and let your subconscious make the connections between things and disciplines, he says. 

Series 4 /Episode 3: Conversation with Karl Hillbrick

I had an illuminating conversation with Karl Hillbrick about creativity and flow in film production. It is a truly immersive experience with many levels of creativity, where the relationships are key. The film producer is a leader who enables transformation. Karl, having worked with the public sector, brings his knowledge of governance to enable creativity in individuals and facilitate the overall flow of the films he produces. Particularly interesting for me was the notion that your skills, with a little imagination, are transferable to other industries.

Series 4 /Episode 4: Conversation with Kris Liebau

I had a thought-provoking conversation with Kris Liebau. Creativity among engineers is a dance between their analytical skills and latent creativity skills. Both depend on data and experimentation to inform new ideas and the next steps. New data points enable all of us to connect the dots in different ways. and to untangle "the giant hairball".

Series 4 /Episode 5: Conversation with Ken Eakin

I had a lovely conversation with Ken Eakin. We talked about creativity in the public sector and how we need guidance and principles to help us handle things differently. Creativity cannot exist without rules or constraints, he says. They force you to find other ways of making something work.

Series 4 /Episode 6: Conversation with Deborah Coviello

What a great way to start the year. I talked with Deborah Coviello about how leaning into creativity can bring beauty and joy in the workplace and how this process can be a true expression of yourself and your approach to flow. Have a support system that enables you to try things out and know that your ideas are valuable. It takes courage to be yourself and let perfection go.

Series 4 /Episode 7: Conversation with Fuat Ramazanov

I really enjoyed my conversation with Fuat Ramazanov. He links creativity to thinking outside the box. To go outside the box means getting new knowledge, new experiences, new friends, etc. We can think about new and different ways of doing ordinary things by mixing ideas and experiences. The question is not “What is creativity,” but “Where is creativity.” Consider having a creativity discussion at work regularly, he says. The Interplay between humans and AI in the creative process can expose some new ideas. In the future, AI could be an equal collaborator with humans in the creative process. Fuat believes that as knowledge expands, creativity follows.

Series 4 /Episode 8: Conversation with Adam Hoots

I had an eye-opening conversation with Adam Hoots. Creativity in the construction industry can be dangerous but, at the same time, an imperative. Standards must be met, but flow is everything. How do people engage differently to reach that optimum flow state? In a rigid, hands-on culture, how do we give permission and encourage people to think? What struck me was his routine of walking through a construction site, engaging all of his senses, and truly listening to what the building had to say. This is a great example of optimizing physical triggers for creativity.

Series 4 /Episode 9: Conversation with Leslie Rohonczy

I had a wonderful conversation with Leslie Rohonczy about tapping into different modes of creativity to help you deal with difficult questions. Everyone can be creative if they permit themselves to explore and experiment. When you create together you can reach a flow state where your thinking comes together and your brains seem to synchronize, she says. It is magical.

Series 4 /Episode 10: Conversation with Mónica Puertas

I very much appreciated my conversation with Mónica Puertas. We agreed that culture and relationships are key to creativity. For Mónica, travel brings us patience and the ability to stop and rethink our approaches to different people and situations. Latin Americans, she says, are creative in response to the many limitations they face. First, you dream, and then you find a way to create something or make things happen.

Series 4 /Episode 11: Conversation with David Schmeikal

I had a far-reaching conversation with David Schmeikal. We talked about spirituality and our inherent search for meaning in the creative process. We also touched on how we need to lean into our emotions, both positive and negative, to nurture our creativity. Creativity need not stem from a profound loss or joy, it can also be about those small moments that make us step back and either reflect, simply enjoy, or even show up with intention.

Series 4 /Episode 12: Conversation with Zach Kleiman

I had such a great conversation with Zach Kleiman. He talked about how intuition is akin to creativity in that enables you to find solutions in ambiguity. If you immerse yourself fully into a subject or problem space and talk to others about what they are thinking and feeling about it; you cultivate intuition and start to see patterns and make connections that enable you to get to a decision faster. It is that intuition that opens up the realm of possibilities.

Series 4 /Episode 13: Conversation with Sam Morgan

There were so many moments in my conversation with Sam Morgan. One of my favourites is about nurturing creativity. Sam coaches using the Kata method, For him, coaching for creativity is the consistent practice of experiments over time to develop an adaptable mindset that leads to confidence and empowerment. His message is one step at a time without fear. Ask yourself how else can I?

Series 4 /Episode 14: Conversation with Stanley Dietrich

I had such an energizing conversation with Stanley Dietrich. "Be a great original and do something unconventional. There is always another way", he says. It is the idea of looking at things differently. He encourages us to lead our lives by keeping our creative nature open all of the time. Being out in nature is important. It enables us to be present in the moment and to tap into a different type of energy. It enables us to appreciate that what is here may be gone tomorrow and the beauty that these moments bring. Each of these moments can be woven into a story.

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