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Series 6: Boann Imagination Flow Creativity



Through my conversations on Boann Imagination Flow Creativity, I have learned so much about what creativity looks like at work. I want to further delve into all the nooks where creativity may be hiding and bring these creative practices to light. I continue to believe that creativity is everywhere. We just need to open our eyes, our minds and our hearts to its possibilities.


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Ruth Stanley.


Series 6 /Episode 1: Conversation with Doug Rabow

I had a thought-provoking conversation with Doug Rabow. He sees flow as removing friction. How can we find ways to make organizations work better? How can we make the work easy and effortless, he says. Creativity is all about building flexible, adaptive systems that make it easy to work.



Series 6 /Episode 2: Conversation with Ryan Gibson

I had a comfortable conversation with Ryan Gibson about the links between art and business. Creativity has the connotation that it is only about the arts. Being a creator is bringing something new or different into the world and anyone can do that, he says. We also talked about purpose in creativity. Our goals may change, but our purpose remains the same. Creativity comes from how we use creativity and the choices we make to achieve our purpose. Ryan explains that he has taken on very different roles, but nis purpose has always been to serve.



Series 6 /Episode 3: Conversation with Gary McBain

I have known Gary McBain for a number of years as a performance management specialist. It was a joy to talk with him about creativity. He has experienced creativity in several types of organization, but his experiences with both police services and children's services stand out for me. Creativity, he says, happens at the coal face. It is where people have to find different ways of building trust with their clients or of getting themselves out of a tight spot in crisis situations.



Series 6 /Episode 4: Conversation with Michelle Formanczyk

I always enjoy my conversations with Michelle. Rediscovering her writing chops, she has such a facility to weave these word pictures. At the same time, she can get straight to the heart. In fact, she talks about using a check-in of the heart to get over creativity humps and to restore the flow of ideas. I was also delighted to hear that she uses avatars in the visioning process with her clients. Avatars, she says, enable people to reach beyond themselves to look at different possibilities.



Series 6 /Episode 5: Conversation with Jacqueline McCullough

I felt such a connection with Jacqueline McCullough. She is a coach for neurodivergent entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs who have a different way of navigating the world. As such, they have the natural potential to offer a unique value proposition. Jacqueline shared that one of her clients said something very revealing. "I can't have too much structure because I will rebel against it but if I have too little structure, I'll get nothing done." Her response is equally compelling, "It is important to the creative process to have some constraints, but they have to feel right for that person".



Series 6 /Episode 6: Conversation with Junaid Mirza

I was privileged to talk with Junaid Mirza about joy in the creative process. Osho, an Indian philosopher, asserts that when you feel joy in what you are doing, your actions are essentially creative. Jumaid felt some nostalgia in describing those moments of extreme happiness as a design engineer, those moments when he could see the physical products that he had helped to design. It is the same feeling he gets when he watches his small daughter play and explore her world. Playing with her enables him to reconnect with his 4-year-old self and to further explore his own creativity.



Series 6 /Episode 7: Conversation with Romina Mirzaei

I love talking to professionals at the beginning of their careers. I had the privilege to talk with Romina Mirzaei about creativity in her work as a project manager. She told me how she had used reverse brainstorming with her team to think of how to respond to potential constraints or unwanted outcomes. I asked her how she dealt with the team dynamics during idea generation. Her response was interesting. She said that the team continued until the original idea generator felt a little uncomfortable. It is about respect within the team, she says.


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